COLINAS COSTERAS (Coastal Hills) was founded in 2018 as a Community Wildlife Habitat, as a response to resident complaints that the local government lacks environmental planning, mis-manages money, and is doing nothing to address global warming.

The ridges of the coastal hills represent the last vestige of wildlife habitat. The coastal hills was once home to the SF garter snake, the red legged frog, the Mission Blue butterfly, and the Xerces butterfly. Yet almost all native wildlife are either extinct or endangered due to habitat destruction.

Therefore, we aspire that this land be revered – not trash and over-run with cars and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV’s); and that the wildlife that dwell upon it be respected – not treated like invaders upon human urban space. We seek to co-exist with wildlife, not clash with them!

Colinas Costeras provide services to the community whereby residents can landscape their property as they wish, and yet know their decision collectively supports native wildlife.